Friday, January 27, 2012

A little math on Gmail's Homepage

Have you ever paid a closer look at the Gmail home page??
Especially to the Lots of Space!! Section..
           Even if you have given it a little attention and did a little math on the numbers there, then you would probably know the juice of this post already. Even if you haven’t seen it till now, pay a visit now and come back.
          The “Lots of space” section is the one place where Google says how much storage space is there for your account. Also the amount of space changes dynamically and this post is all about that part.  Here I present before you two things about it and are: An Enjoyable statistics and a creepy geek part of how it works.

An Enjoyable Statistics:
          At present Google adds to your account 4 bytes (32 bits) every second.
On an average a human can type 60 words per minute
On an average an English word has four characters,

It can be concluded that

A user can constantly type and store the text and he will never run out of space with Gmail.
 And finally the creepy geek stuff:

        This is performed with a javascript that performs certain calculations and increases the space dynamically to the home page.
          Gmail has fixed certain constant milestones storage spaces relating to time as follows

           Date                                                    Storage Space

        Mon Oct 20 2008                                       7254
        Sun Dec 20 2037                                        10996
        Sun Jan 17 2038                                         43008
        Wed Jan 02 3456              over 1.79e+308(that is the max of javascript number format)

         Depending upon your current system time your storage space will fall in between these categories..
i.e. As of current date your storage space falls somewhere between 7254Mb and 10996Mb
         To be more accurate your space will be the same % between 7254 and 10996 as your current time between Mon Oct 20 2008 and Sun Dec 20 2037.

To verify this info or any more details dig in the Gmail source page’s javascript.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Alchemist

     As completed reading “3 mistakes of my life” recently and felt as there is no more productive time pass, searched for a good book to read. Meanwhile heard from friends and read from internet that the book "The Alchemist" has sold over 65 million copies and it makes the readers to fell in love with it and also it changed the way of the reader lives, decided to read it.
    Followed the ritual way- searched for the pdf online, but left in vein. Adding to this, recently I was also fond of buying something from  So ordered one and it got delivered home.
    The book is all about how one should follow their dream in their life. Once a person has understood his destiny he should follow it bravely without any fear of losing his current possession. Also in the pursuit of their destiny he should not settle down in some safe and comfort situation that he encounter, as a more comforting thing is in near future. But the toughest part here is identifying one's real destiny out of his heart.
    About the story, it is all about a boy who identifies his destiny and follows it. It is so motivational, as wherever the boy is in a critical situation, everything around him acts to his favor. Liked the turn in the climax of the story. After he has reached his place of treasure and started to dig to get treasure, he comes to know that the treasure in buried in the place from where he started his pursuit. All the way he was made to travel is just to testify his determinacy in getting the treasure.
    Completed reading the book in a week and thought of bragging about completing it so quickly. But kept the idea to myself after the following incident. After completing reading, passed the book to my friend ,, guess what happ,,
He completed in a day, :D

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Being in the dark day (a day like every machintosh and iphones displays are off), am very much honoured to post this as a tribute to the great “iCon”. As there are tons and tons of posts being published on Steve Jobs' loss, I would to like keep this a short one. With just two things that strike to me on about Jobs' life,

  • ·         Take necessary risks
  • ·         Keep working for perfection wherever you are

First, Steve who has been studying in college for six months had seen no value in the money he spends on it (like most of us realise :P). So he decided to take a risk, ie, to drop out of college. He says this as “one the best decisions he had ever made”.
Secondly, when Steve got fired from his own company Apple Inc., He didn’t stop his visionaries. He started an animation company “Pixar Animations”. And worked hard on it and made “Toy Story” which is the first ever recognised animation movie at that time. That means his work perfection, even after returning back to Apple that made all today’s gadgets a real, escaping from his vision.

Why the name “Apple”? (A funny thought*)
            Everybody would have thought someday or other why Jobs named his company as “APPLE”. This thought would have circled in your(my) mind for long time. I couldn’t stand anymore with this confusion and so convinced myself with the following reason,,
            Jobs would have thought in his mind for a reasonable name that would have made some major change in human life. From the origin of human race, fruit apple has made two serious changes in human lifestyle
            One, the apple, Adam gave to seduce Eve.
     Other, the apple that had fallen in front of Newton, leading to discovery of Gravitational Force.
            So, Steve would have decided to name his company as “Apple Inc.,” :D.
                                                                                                *courtesy-tweets from twitter

It’s been a pleasure always to have a thought about this man on our minds. This changed my mobile desktop for this man as below,,

But am sure that one day, our primary school will include a inspirational lesson about him in the curicullum!!

Signing off this post with a thought
As long as the letter I refers urself,, So longer will the Man be remembered
Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

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